Re: Question CP Scheme on New Accurail Release

Benjamin Hom

Patrick Harris asked:
"Accurail has released the 3600-series 40' double-door steel box car in the CP script scheme. That 25K marking to the left of the double doors seems too modern for a car with a 1941 shop date, but I'll let someone tell me if that is an erroneous observation on my part. My expectations for Accurail's accuracy are reasonably modest, but that marking really jumped out at me."
Let's kill one misconception right off the bat - it's not a "Shop Date", IT'S THE DATE THE CAR WAS REWEIGHED.  Freight cars were reweighed periodically, and that date doesn't necessarily indicate that the car underwent repairs or was repainted on that date.  It could, but more often it didn't.
At any rate, the 1941 reweigh date is anachronistic for a car with the script "Canadian Pacific" scheme, which was introduced (at the earliest) in 1959.
Ben Hom

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