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Dave Sarther

 Ben Hom, Gary Roe and Scott Haycock,
Gentlemen, thank you for answering my original questions about the 40' Wabash Auto cars.  Your responses have been very helpful and will keep me pointed in the right direction as I undertake this modeling challenge.  I am learning a lot about this particular car model and can see I still have plenty to learn to get it right.
Later,  Dave Sarther       Tucson, AZ

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Dave Sarther asked:
"I am searching for some data and photos about the Wabash 40', single sheathed wood, outside braced, door and 3/4 auto cars from WAB series #45400-45999 built in 1926-27. The data I have found so far is from ORER's from 1937, 1954 and 1955. I would like to supplement this information with some photos of cars from the series to complete a model. I also believe that there was an article about these cars in the Mainline Modeler Nov - Dec 1980 issue, Volume 1 No 5.  If you can help me with either photos or shared information from MM please contact me."
There is indeed an article by George Drake in the Nov-Dec 1980 issue of Mainline Modeler plus drawings. Usual warning about working from Hundman drawings applies. See also Bill Darnaby's "Building Resin Kits - a Wabash automobile box car" from the February 1993 issue of Mainline Modeler for a construction article on the HO scale Funaro model.  
Ben Hom
P.S.: "Outside Braced" is not an accurate description of these cars and is not supported by any industry literature.

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