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If you're modeling in HO, you may not be aware of the P2K end-door 50 double door boxes.  I believe they came in road names:  Q, GTW, ERIE, LV, SOU, UP.  I've got a couple around here somewhere, and wish I had a few more.


Edward Sutorik 

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Thanks to all who responded. As I model NYC in Michigan, it is a detail I need to add to appropriate cars.


I was looking at the NMRA Reprint of the January 1953 ORER.


Alex Schneider



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The AAR Pamphlet #28 you cite must be a much later version. The one I have is for “Methods for Loading, Bracing and Blocking Carload Shipments of Cast Iron Radiators in Closed Cars” issued Oct 1936, Revised Jan 1942.


Alex is correct, and referring to BULLETIN 28 issued by the Car Service Division of the AAR beginning in January of 1945 which listed all auto cars equipped with Evans Auto~Loaders or NYC Loaders or cars equipped only with floor tubes used in transporting larger motor vehicles, farm machinery, etc.  Printed in all subsequent ORER's as well as issued in pamphlet form from the CSD of the AAR which included additional currently released circulars and service orders regarding the use of auto cars equipped with loaders.  


You are referring to a Closed Car Loading Pamphlet which was one of a series of pamphlets issued by the Operating-Transportation Division of the ARA or AAR.    


Guy Wilber

Reno, Nevada

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