Re: Roof for ARLX (Armour) reefer ~1700 series?

Jason Kliewer

Thanks Ed.  I have a few of the RP CYCs but don't have that one.  Was able to locate one and it's on the way.

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Does anyone have or know of information about the style or name of the roof on this series of cars.  I can't find a picture to link to, but it's panels' have two reinforcements running next to each other (as opposed to the large single Murphy type panel).

The CGW got some of the these for ice service and I'd like to try and model one.

Sorry for the vagueness, but I can't find any good pictures.


I published an article about the ARLX 1-2000 series refrigerator cars in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 21. It included overhead photos and ACF drawings that depict the "depressed twin-panel roof" used on these cars. A roof using the same panel design was also on some ACF box cars published in RP CYC Volume 26. 

You're correct about the roof sheets having parallel corrugations. They were somewhat similar to, but different than, some box cars built by Depatch Shops and also on some Milwaukee Road rib-side box cars. The main difference is the area between the twin corrugations in which there is a tapered middle section that's difficult to describe. At a point near the edge of the roof, the middle section is slightly higher than the adjacent raised corrugations, and from there the middle section gradually tapers to its lowest point at the car center line under the running board.

RP CYC Volume 21 is sold out at the publisher but may be available from a dealer. Volume 26 is currently available. 

Ed Hawkins

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