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I don't know where in the world you are at but IRM ( has both a end door Rock island boxcar 264070
with no floor tubes and only extra interior fittings was some anchor points near the roof of the car. Yes, the end door does work. All that bickering about loading devices was unnecessary as some cars had them some did not. Also at the museum is an end door baggage car which allowed for automobiles or other long objects like stage show sets and backgrounds to be shipped express.
Mark Rickert

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I am curious what roads (other than SP) had auto boxcars with opening end doors.   I was searching on google and while I saw model images, I was not able to source any prototypical information or articles.   Any and all relevant info would be appreciated.    I also noticed lionel did various road names; curious if they are actually a scale model as their ps cars are...

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Brad Andonian

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