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Ed, to attach metal roofwalks to resin or plastic car roofs and other metal to resin and plastic points I use a combination of contact cement and lacquer thinner.  It was a tip I saw in a magazine years ago and it works.  I put a dab of contact cement on a piece of wax paper then use an old paint brush dipped in the thinner to thin the contact cement and paint it on the roof walk supports and the bottom of the roof walk.  Then set aside for a while to let both pieces dry.  Once they dry put them together but be careful as they will not move once set.
The only down side I see with this is that sometimes I get a little sloppy on the underside of the roof walk.  I doesn't show too bad after it's painted but I'll probably never win the NMRA best of show award.  I have done about 30 freight cars and diesel grills and in 25 years and 7 moves they are still attached.
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Anyone else try this (to attach roof walks to plastic models)? I used something like at work 30 years ago.


It has a real acrid odor and may be causing me to itch; I wonder if it ever goes away.


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