Re: HO Scale Freight Car Truck Document Update

Tim O'Connor


It was not uncommon. OTOH, don't assume that painted journal box lids means
that the car has roller bearings. I've seen photos of cars with special types of
journal lubricators for plain bearings, with painted journal box lids.

The GN cars you're thinking of were the 71000 series ACF 1958's. They spelled out
"Timken Roller Bearing" on the car -- I think Champ made decals.

Tim O'Connor

In Vol. 3 of Model Railroader's INDUSTRIES ALONG THE TRACKS there is a photo of a GN covered hopper from the 1950's. The car has trucks with journal box lids, but there is lettering on the car which states that it is equipped with roller bearings. Unlike the UP cars Andy mentioned, it doesn't look like there was anything on the trucks to indicate that they had roller bearings. Unfortunately, I can't locate my copy of the publication, so I can't provide the car number; but how common was the use of journal box lids with roller bearings?

Mike Palmieri - Fort Worth, Texas

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