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Thanks to Tony for this.   I have recently been convinced by his many praises of this glue to give it a try.   I will not go back to anything else for roofwalk  attachment.   For metal roofwalks this stuff is amazing.   Looks like white glue when you get it out of the bottle but sticks like nothing else.   I use a toothpick to put small amounts on the roofwalk supports and then just lay the roofwalk on.  Sticks relatively fast, certainly faster than white glue, and dries clear.   Can't beat this stuff.  Thanks Tony for the heads up, and to other members give it a try I am sure you won't be disappointed I wasn't.

Rob McLear


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Ed Mines wrote:

Anyone else try this (to attach roof walks to plastic models)? I used something like at work 30 years ago.

      Ed, as I have pointed out several times, there is a SUPERIOR adhesive for all kinds of dissimilar materials, and etched metal running boards in particular: canopy cement. I wrote a blog post about it last spring, if you're interested, and it is at this link:

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