Viking roof variations

Benjamin Scanlon

I see that 'modern' steel vehicles like 1937 AAR boxcars could be fittted with Viking roofs, eg, C&O, Erie and US Navy owned cars.  
CNW/CMO USRA DS rebuilds -some of which cascaded to RI and FtDDM&S- also had them. 
Both groups of cars seem to have the version of the Viking roof with five thin corrugations running horizontally across the car on each panel between cross members.
From my Gold Coast TT models, I see that the roofs for older SS or DS cars have an overhang on the end, which makes their roofs about 8" longer than that on a 1937 AAR boxcar. 
I am not sure whether the CMO/CNW Viking roofed DS rebuilds had a rof with an overhang or something more like what you would saw on a 1937 AAR boxcar. 
I am doing a Viking roof master for TT cars and I am wondering, did the 1937 AAR boxes fitted with Viking roofs have a different version of the Viking roof to that used on the CNW/CMO DS rebuilds, or indeed earlier SS or DS cars with Viking roofs (I think D&H had SS boxcars with Viking roofs, no doubt there were others.) 
Or did they build the Viking roofs for modern cars one corrugation shorter or something, to take account of the difference in length ?
Ben Scanlon

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