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william darnaby

I will second what the Doctor said and point out that his most valuable tip for using Barge Cement is to drill a .020 hole in the center of the cap.  This facilitates the application of small amounts and the straight pin used to plug the hole also makes a useful applicator.


Bill Darnaby (at a loss for big words like armamentarium)


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About 15 years years ago, I began using Barge Cement routinely for one step mounting of running boards- metal, plastic, and wood. A tiny amount does it; the boards almost immediately are tacked-down, the setting time allows manipulation and/or the application of "contact" methods, and…. the boards stay. These are few downsides.  It is right on my mind as I speak inasmuch as I just negotiated with Barge Cement a neat but ornery retrofit of a Kadee running board on a model not designed for it.


For a long time, Barge Cement has for me been one of the most important and useful glues in my model adhesive armamentarium.





Denny S. Anspach MD



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