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Over the past several years, Ted Culotta, owner of Spedwitch has occasionally offered items (kits, decals, books) on eBay. The descriptions that accompanied these items usually indicated that they were "leftovers" from previous production. In addition, his site was not updated for quite some time. 

If you go to you can learn of his plans to relaunch, this time through what appears to be a "subscription" basis.  Best Wishes--Carl

PS--I have no connection to or financial or other interest in Speedwitch.  I do have several of Ted's kits and decals, have read much of the material from his excellent books, found him responsive and reliable in our previous dealings, and found him extremely personable when meeting him several years ago at a Cocoa Beach RPM meet. -cgc-

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I emailed Speedwitch models, but got no reply. What HO scale models do/did they produce? Did they produce any MoPac models? Thanks,


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