Re: Kadee #58s: You asked for it


On Sun, 24 Dec 2000 01:47:04 EST MDelvec952@... writes:

Picked up a couple of sets of the new scale Kadees, No.58s,

The chief beef, though, is that the already oversize coupler pocket
is now
even bigger in relation. Byron mentioned this over the phone, but I
realize how bad the pocket looks. It literally dwarfs the coupler
and seems
to allow a greater travel. Wonder why a new coupler pocket wasn't
These are, after all, scale couplers for the scale modeler.
Mike, the answer is that they can't because they have to sell to modelers
who would never build layouts with scale curves. What does a real world
curve scale out to, 72+" radius? A scale coupler in a scale pocket could
not take even a 30" radius without kicking cars onto the floor.

I noticed on my little
shelf-top yard that the swing is so great that when shoving on a
curve the
couplers kick out dangerously far. I'm sure the pockets and couplers
hold up, but I was curious if it effects the tracking
There, you said so yourself. Real world, meet real scale model world.
Try the solution that street railroads used, an auxiliary double ended
coupler to extend the cars from each other and allow more bending.
Imagine 60' boxcars with scale draft gear housings on 24" curves.
Splinter city.

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