Re: Warning! Barge cement has apparently changed. Re: Re: 3M contact adhesive between 2 release layers 467MP


I had initiated several post concerning the change in the formula for Barge cement
a little over a year ago. It might had been on the Proto 87 group as this was the recommended cement for track work. Upon learning about the change I was able
to locatge a large can (lifetime supply) on e-bay. You might give this vneue a try.
The difference in packaging is blue for the new and red and yellow for the old.

Bill Pardie

On Nov 26, 2013, at 7:49 AM, Mike Brock wrote:

Denny Anspach writes:

"For a long time, Barge Cement has for me been one of the most important and
useful glues in my model adhesive armamentarium."

I guess many if not all good things must come to an end eventually [
although the resurrection of Big Boy 4014 gives hope that the REALLY good
things CAN return ]. Anyhow, read the following reviews of Barge Cement
found from a Google Search.

"The old formula (yellow package) actually worked. This new "toluene free"
formula is not the same. It loses adhesion to what ever you stick it to, but
stays sticky on the side that is exposed. I used to use the old stuff in
place of shoe goo to fix snowboard boots. My attempt with the same use of
this new formula had my boots sticking to everything 3 months after
application. Everything except the boots where the glue has already peeled
off. The old formula was the absoulute best thing to fix old plastic
windsurf boards. This stuff will not work very well in a marine enviorment.
a.. Primary use:
b.. Personal
Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

AND: I used BARGE for many years. It was used in Fisher Body for auto doors
and arm rests, and it worked - it was the only one that did. If I had known
the formula was going to change I would have stocked up on the original one,
now I can't find it. The new formula don't work, it just made BARGE another
glue like all the other mediocre brands out there. Elmers works better at
less cost.

a.. Primary use:
b.. Business
Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend"

Sorry guys. A Google search on Barge Cement turned up the change in Barge
Cement. Apparently the yellow package works, the blue may not.

Mike Brock


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