Re: canopy cement


For attaching running boards to plastic model STMFC rooves, I use solvent.  Place the running board on the roof, applying solvent to the running board brackets with a small brush. I apply more solvent to these after a few minutes.  And more yet, the grid of the running board will hold a fair bit of solvent.

With the running board supports softened a bit by solvent, turn the carbody upside down and push the running board against a flat sheet of glass.  Hold the carbody for a few minutes to allow the solvent-covered styrene supports to push themselves through the running board grid.

Turn the model back over and allow ti to cure for a few days.

Steve Lucas.



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Pacer are the manufacturers of Canopy Glue.

The stock number is PT-56

And as both Tony and Rob McLear said, it works.


Dave North



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