Re: P2K UP A-50-17

Bob Sterner

Thanks, everyone.  Knowing next to nothing about UP freight cars, I picked up one of these on a whim very cheap at a show, intending it mainly to add to my small collection of mainly post-steam freight cars I run around during Free-mo meets.  For this purpose the prototype bar isn't high but man oh man I didn't expect this many faults. 

Bob Sterner

St. Paul, MN

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I’m with Rich on this ‘sticker shock’ thing. I’m just finishing a Sunshine mini-kit with a P2K single door 50 fter kit as a core. Price on the box is $7. Seems like only yesterday I was at Trainfest in Milwaukee having a soft drink when a friend asked how much I paid for it? I said $3.50. He replied “You could have bought a Life Like kit for that!” This year there were only a very few Branchline kits amongst the hundreds/thousands of RTR boxes. Ah, for the good old days when the market was flooded with kits...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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