Re: Height of CofG 50' Boxcar 2325

Todd Horton

Past my era of interest (and this list's era) but I seem to recall these were rebuilt from 40' cars in the early 60's. The roofs on these cars show where the additional 10' in length was added in the door area.
Todd Horton

On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 9:50 PM, "vtrailaction@..." wrote:
I am using a large collection of photos taken around 1972 as a basis for making a set of boxcars for microsoft train simulator/open rails.  I'm working on CofG 50' boxcar #2325 and wondering if somebody with the right official register can check the height.  The car seems to be outside my range of official railway equipment registers which goes up through 1960.  The photo is not clear but suggests it might be 10'.  I would like to confirm, so as to be accurate.
thank you

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