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If you go to his site ( you will find that he is no longer manufacturing any models including the trucks.  It is now a hobby store only.   The following is posted under Ulrich Trucks

Latest News January 2012 Due to rising costs in China, all production of Ulrich Models has been discontinued.
The two axle and three axle COE truck and the square nose trailer tooling is in China
The original Kenworth tooling is in the US.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the tooling, please contact us.
We still have a few parts.

If the tooling for the trucks is for sale, it would seem reasonable to think the tooling for the gons is as well

Rich Orr

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Tony,  too bad that someone else cannot purchase the dies and give us the gons.  Perhaps the owner just doesn't want to sell them.  I too could use a bunch for my rock hauling on the Llano branch of the TNO.
Charles Etheredge 

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