Steel grid roofwalks where they don't belong


I have a couple of IM 40' boxcars on the bench now. Bought them a couple of years ago, and so I was going to upgrade the couplers. These are Burlington 32xxx XM-32 cars, so as I was checking the Burlington Bulletin issue that covers these cars, I noticed that the prototypes had wood roofwalks which were apparently never replaced with steel.

What does the model have? A metal grid running board. Usually, if the running board is wrong, it's the other way around because it seems to be easier to make a wood roofwalk out of plastic like the rest of the model than try to attach a metal one.

Has anyone tried to remove one of these? These walks look decent enough, so I'd like to salvage them and re-mount them on something where they belong, so I'm wondering if they would come off in one piece and decently straight.

Ron Merrick

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