Re: Whatever happened to.....

Bill Dewar

Sorry, sent before completed,
did not think my tools would like cutting into the Ulrich cars, too much.
I would like plastic versions ,as the metal ones are hard on my steamers, 10 in one train is a diesel powered consist.
Bill Dewar
Brampton, On


Hello Steve,
I have done ten of these conversions to CNR type cars, with three more to go.
I looked at cutting up the metal kit to create one of the smaller cars,


I'd be very interested as well.  I have three of the Ulrich GS gons.  They are very similar to those used by CN.  But the stirrup steps often became casualties...

On a similar topic, was CN (and its predecessors Intercolonial and GTR) the only user of the 36' version of these cars?

Steve Lucas.



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