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Armand Premo

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Hey Yuze Gize,
The project promises to be of high interest and knowing ahead that we cannot supply a kit for everyone it will be important to know who is interested in the project cars even though you may not be able to be a recipient of the hand out kit . I would like to let the behind the scenes folks be a bit prepared for the volume of composite parts needed for those of you that will be building the project after the event. They can better calculate the cost of products and let you know what the cost will be for those wishing to purchase the needed parts to complete the car, the more I know the better I can parley that information along and have those parts to you as needed.
I will keep the normal list of folks who will receive the kits, allow for those that will sign up at the registration desk, and those who will be on the stand by list and as well as a list of those planning on sitting in.
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