Re: Prototypes for Athearn Quad off-set hoppers - One possibility; Missouri Pacific

Rob Adams

I should have added that the photos of MP 1931 and 1940 are in the "Models" section.  Scroll down to the Hoppers and click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Rob Adams

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The Missouri Pacific owned some similar cars and at least a few were converted into covered hoppers. Photos of MP1931 and MP1940 appear at .  If I recall correctly, Joe Collias also has at least one close-up photo of these cars. 

When modeling in HO, I considered building roofs and converting the Athearn model. It would certainly be a neat project.

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Rob Adams
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    Speaking of hoppers,is there a prototype /near prototype for Athearns' off- set Quad Hoppers? Armand Premo
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Good Morning Clark,

What we were trying to say is that the RI mostly used GS gondolas for coal hauling during the steam era, having only wood Seeley type cars that were off the roster in the 30’s scrap drives and two small groups of steel two bay cars built in 1940 and early 1942.

RI 89600 – 897490 (150 cars) were built in 1940 by Pullman.  In RPCyc 25, they are described as part of 900 Pullman lot 5610 hoppers that had some unique features.  Accurail’s new car carries numbers in this series.  The most obvious difference is on the prototype, the two inner posts on the ends should be inward facing channels that terminate at the bottom of the end panel.  The location of the crease in the side panels, which parallels the slope sheet, is slightly different.  There is a very nice builder’s photo and comparisons with the Accurail model in the Remember the Rock magazine, Volume 8 numbers 3&4, which is recently published.

RI 89400 – 89599 (200 cars) were built in 1942 by ACF.  According to RPCyc 25, they are AAR standard 50 ton cars.  They had heap shield ends, as shown in our book.  There is a builder’s photo in RPCyc 9 along with one showing how about 129 of these cars had roofs added around 1950.  So, your choices probably are finding the Athearn car with heap shields, which are not exactly correct as the RI car has no notch in the heap shield.  Sunshine made a mini-kit for the hopper cover.

I hope that this is what you need.  Please let me know if need something more specific.


Steve Hile

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I’m considering modeling RI hopper 89456 from series 89400-89599. I’m confused (what else is new) by the caption in the Morning Sun color book. It lists different builders in this series, but but not much else.

So, my question is: Which model do I use for this car?

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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