Re: box car identity

Guy Wilber

Doug, quoting Clark's article wrote:
"The autoloaders were defined as type 37+ which means they could load any automobiles built though the model year 1937 and possible beyond."
The "37" did indeed indicate that the auto loaders were suitable for 1937 models.  The "+" was applied to cars which had additional facilities added for loading the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr.  This series of cars, as built, was fitted with Evans Type "C+" loaders. 
The "C+" loader was supplied to M&St.L and six other roads only;  AT&SF (250), CRI&P (350), GM&N (25), N&S (25), L&A (25) , MK&T (100), and Frisco (10).   
After March 29, 1939 the door stencils would have been changed to the simplified auto car lettering standards as specified within Bulletin 28.     
When the cars were shopped (and had the inside height extended) they were refitted with Evans Type "E" loaders.  The Type "E" loaders remained within this series of ten cars until removed in May of 1952. 
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada    

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