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Malcolm H. Houck

Re: movement of Naval Rifles on MILW

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It occurs to me to wonder if these gun flats didn't also go to Watervliet Arsenal? I believe that that
is where the guns were first made. The history of the Arsenal indicates that they served the Navy
as well as the Army. If not Watervliet, what was the prime source for the guns?
Chuck Peck
    The Watertown, Massachusetts Arsenal also produced and shipped out by rail large caliber barrels. Long ago I had sent an image from an old issue of Railway Age to Bruce Smith showing a shipment leaving Watertown by rail. I don't know if that ever was added to archives or not, but there is another source of these large rifles.
Washington Navy Yard was a principal producer for the Navy. I don't know if any testing was ever undertaken at Dahlgren Proving Grounds, but if so there would be yet another route of transit by rail.
Mal Houck

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