Tru-color paint

Clark Propst

I finally squirted some Tru-color paint yesterday. I bought a bottle of some UP freight car color from a vendor last summer at the St Louis RPM meet thinking it would be a redder hue than most. Yesterday I airbrushed it on the underside of one of two Pennsy X29s I’d just finished, thinking it might look ok on them. I was surprised to see that the color looked just like the color of a UP box car  :  )) Much browner than I was thinking it look. The stuff sprayed well right out of the bottle with a nice gloss and cleaned up with acetone.
Of course I didn’t spray the rest of the cars with that color, but now that I’ve tried it I will be buying more. Hopefully I can find a vendor before the St Louis meet....
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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