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Armand Premo

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Ben Hom writes:

"Despite two subsequent naval treaties in the 1930s, once it became obvious
that WWII was on the horizon, all of the major powers restarted battleship
construction in earnest, even though subsequent events would prove them

Certainly Ben is correct if one refers to the battleship as the "main man"
in naval operations, this function having transferred to the carrier even
before WW2 in more "enlightened" thinking. However, I would not refer to
them as obsolescent if taken literally. The battleship was still the weapon
of choice in support of invasions from sea on hostile shores. Add to that,
by 1944, thanks to the proximity fuse in fast firing 5" DP guns and the
previously mentioned 40mm gun, the battleship provided a feeling of comfort
to carrier anti aircraft ops.

Anyone can reply to that but afterwards it is time to move back into the
group's subject matter...steam era frt cars. Thanks.

Mike Brock

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