Re: CNW/CMO/RockIsland resin kits

Tim O'Connor

This is not directed at Chad or Shake-N-Take, but does anyone here know
for sure:

Does the Accurail floor represent a USRA design, or was this floor just
used as a common component for Accurail composite box cars, of which the
first was a single sheathed non-USRA design?

I only bring this up because some of the Sunshine cars (e.g. SP B-50-12A)
had errors in their underframes because they were not accurate renditions
of USRA underframes. I only learned that after building mine and then when
I visited Byron Rose he showed his totally rebuilt B-50-12A floor... I know
lots of folks are indifferent about underframes, but it's just one of those
things I need to know, even if I ignore it. (We can't all be Jack Spencer or
Byron Rose. :-))

Tim O'Connor

I added photos of my new kit. It's for the CNW / CMO and Rock Island box cars.
Its the same as the Shake and Take, just a different way to get there.

The kit comes with the sides, ends and lower side sills to do either the CNW / CMO,
or the Rock Island. To finish the car you will need a roof, either Vicking or panel,
Intermountain doors from the '37 cars, Accurail fish belly floor and al the other
small details.

Kits are $18 each.

If interested, please contact me Off List.

Thanks, Chad Boas

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