Re: SAL ventilated box cars.

Don <riverman_vt@...>

Hello folks,

Our stock of SAL ventilated box cars is diminishing. While more will be ordered when current stock gets down to one each of the Class V-9 and V-10 vents it took several months to receive those that arrived
in our last order from Wright Trak....and piecemeal at that. Thus anyone interested in these interesting and common prototypes who wishes to have one now, before present stock is depleted, needs to order soon. As noted previously, the kits are $50 each plus $5 for shipping. To date all orders for them have been shipped within 24 hours. There are excellent photos of the model and Bill Welch's comments on building them on the resin car builders group Yahoo site. We hope tp have some of the Wright Trak gondolas available right after the first of the year as well.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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