Re: C&BT reefer roof

Bill Welch

I remember well the article Keith Jordan had in RMJ in the 1990's about what he felt were the fixes needed for these kits and in the article he said he planned to offer a set of resin parts to make the fixes easier. The InterMountain kit obviated the need the parts, although they might have been nice to have since C&BT's kits went beyond the IM offering in terms body styles, which in turn gave Sunshine through the pattern work of Charley Slater the opportunity to flesh the rest of the SFRD rebuilt fleet, and then some.

If I remember correctly, Keith even resorted to body putty to re-sculpt the ends, pretty daunting in my opinion.

I bought 3 kits when they first came out but after Keith's article and IM issuing their kit, I gave them away.

Bill Welch

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