Re: C&BT reefer roof

Tim O'Connor

Tony, he said INVERSE, not REVERSE. You are right, they are two different
things. A REVERSE end is just an end that is essentially turned around. An
INVERSE end is the one you are describing, which is more like a mirror image
of the normal outward stampings. At least, that's what makes sense to me.
YMMV. 8-)

Tim O'

Although this is not an SFRD car this IS an inverse dreadnaught end. 

     Small nit on nomenclature: the end is not, in my view, "reversed." It is simply inset. The ribs and edge darts stick up from the background on the end. A reverse end, and such did exist even on house cars, have this relationship reversed. It was common on gondolas with dreadnaught ends, to face the outward ribs INTO the car (it's the stiffer side), and then what you seen on the OUTSIDE of the end is indeed a reverse end. That is not what is shown in the photo on Tom's link.

Tony Thompson

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