New Book for Sale on ebay


Some have requested an eCommerce option. And since, I won't get the eCommerce part of my website set up for a while, I'm offering the books on ebay right now. Therefore, you can take advantage of the pre-publication offer of $5.00 off the list price of $39.95 available until December 31, 2013 and not have to send a check or money order.

However, be aware that the books are scheduled to ship to me December 20, 2013 and therefore won't be shipped to you until after that.

Do a search for item no. 181277209914 or the title of the book, Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District, or my full name on ebay.

International customer shipments through ebay will be processed by a third party forwarder here in the U.S. that can provide more options for overseas shipments.

In the event that you'd rather send a check or money order, please go to my website at for the particulars.


Victor Baird
Erstwhile Publications
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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