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I think that may have been part of the set I gave Bob K for the IRM website. If not I got identical shots,in higher resalution. The lettering on the other side was just about gone. Anyhow, what was the box under the door in the linked photo?
Mark Rickert
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This is the lettering scheme I was thinking about, but on a rebuilt (in 1960, apparently) car in the 205xx series.  The car at IRM can be seen at

(not a terribly good angle.)

Frankly, I was presuming that this could be an interesting kitbash, with the partial wood sides and a fishbelly underframe.



P.S. There were some all steel CRIX cars, too, although I am not sure how they match up with the Accurail car.

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Accurail did a Rock Island car with CRIX Dri Protecto lettering, car #2257. Item 8514 announced Oct/Nov 2013

Doug Harding

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