Re: Overland Models #3131: ACF Double Dome Tank Car 8,000 gal.

Tim O'Connor


Elden Gatwood posted that it matches a certain SHPX car, but I've
never seen a photo of the prototype and Elden did not identify the
car number.

Nor has Richard Hendrickson; he has posted previously on the subject
that this car was invented by Tom Marsh of Overland Models.

Nevertheless it's a handsome model and who's going to know? :-) Certainly
only one or maybe two people at my train club would even have a clue.

Now OMI #3230, a GATC 10,000 double dome insulated tank car, actually
does have a prototype that was shown in an Overland flyer -- NIPX #8.

Tim O'Connor

Does anyone know the prototype for this model, which shippers/railroads owned it, whether any decals are available for it or even the era it ran?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Best wishes,

Stuart A. Forsyth

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