Re: Tru-color paint

Andy Carlson

Accupaint bottled up their product from ONE gallon pails, not five. And they stepped on it a bit, supposedly to enhance the covering abilities, but I suspect it was to increase the profit margin. Tim O'Connor could tell us much more, as he knew the principals.

Tru-paint, like Accupaint, is sourced from Southern California.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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> For those not close to a LHS, Tru Color paints can be purchased over the phone or by email:

And as I have noted before, the same paint from the same formulation and the same paint supplier as the former Accu-Paint line. Tru Color, like Accu-Paint simply bottles it from 5 gallon pails. Easily the best thing available for use on styrene.

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