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Mark Stamm


Please add me to the aftermarket list.  Specifically I'm interested in a CNW and a ATSF.


Mark P Stamm

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Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
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Yet another update...
This list is a first for SHAKE N TAKE  it is a list that tracks the necessary over run for the SHAKE N TAKE project. It will help those involved behind the scenes that create the parts for the kits informed so they might be able to help supply parts for those interested in kits but couldn't make the show or were not an original recipient of the handout kit. 
I have not idea at this pint the cost as I am not sure they will until all is said and done.
As you can see below some have been very specific on the parts they want, so I will figure that if you haven't specified you are in for one set of CNW/CMO/RI/FTDDM&S related parts.
Know that I am working on trying to get the CMO Green and Yellow Decals done as well. NO PROMISES!
If you are going to attend Cocoa Beach, please pull together here, and at least for our group, I ask you to please BOOK YOUR ROOM and PRE-REGISTER. We are clansmen we stick together, plus the Boss will sleep easier.
Bring your favorite Hawaiian Shirt... we might as well have fun with this... As Mont Says, "there's a Bash at the Beach"...
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
  1. Scott Haycock
  2. Brad Hanner
  3. Rich Christie ( 2 CNW  1 ATSF) 
  4. Richard Townsend
  5. Philip Blancher
  6. Tom Christensen
  7. Rob Kirkham
  8. Per Harwe
  9. Al Gest
  10. Tom Dill
  11. Tim O' Conner
  12. Paul Greenwald
  13. Mont Switzer (4 CNW 1 ATSF)
  14. Jerry Glow ( 1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  15. Al Brown
  16. John Greedy
  17. Larry Sexton (1 CNW 2 ATSF)
  18. Paul Bizier (ATSF)
  19. Joe Binish
  20. John Sutkus (1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  21. Joe Pauley
  22. John Cantlay ( 2 CNW 1 ATSF)  
  23. William H. Sharpe
  24. John Sharpe
  25. Stan Hall
  26. Larry Rast
  27. Bruce Smith (ATSF) 
  28. Matt Herson
  29. John Riddell ( 2 CNW )
  30. Brian Carlson (ATSF)
  31. Rich Orr (4 sets)
  32. Bernd Schroeder (1 CNW 1 ATSF Adelsdorf Germany)
  33. Larry Mennie ( 1 CMW 1 ATSF) 
  34. Charles Hostetler (5 CNW)
  35. John Hodson (1 CNW)
  36. Dan Sweeney, Jr (1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  37. Dave Sieber (2 CNW  2 ATSF)
  38. Stuart Forsyth
  39. Bill Vaughn (1 CNW 3 ATSF)
  40. Tom Pearson (1 CNW)
  41. Todd Sullivan (1 CNW/RI)
  42. Rob Mclear   (2 ATSF Australia)
  43. Geoffrey Barbier (1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  44. Ed Rethwisch (1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  45. Alan Monk ( 2 CNW Reading UK)
  46. Vince Altiere ( 1 CNW 1 ATSF).
  47. Steve Orth ( 1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  48. John E. Baker (1 CNW 1 ATSF)
  49. David Orr
  50. Robert Massey (RI/FtDDM&S)
  51. Stan Hall (2 ATSF)
  52. Ray Smit
  53. Chet French (1 CNW 1 ATSF) 

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