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Craig Zeni

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Posted by: "Don" riverman_vt
Date: Sat Dec 7, 2013 8:03 pm ((PST))

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For those not close to a LHS, Tru Color paints can be purchased over the phone or by email:

And as I have noted before, the same paint from the same formulation and the same paint supplier as the former Accu-Paint line. Tru Color, like Accu-Paint simply bottles it from 5 gallon pails. Easily the best thing available for use on styrene.
I have some NYO&W decals that were custom made by Mal Houck back in the early 1980s that have the yellow stripes for the diesels. He told me the color was matched to Accupaint's Light Imitation Gold...and sure enough it matched very very well to the Tru-Color Light Imitation Gold.

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