Re: Replacing wheels in brass trucks. Was: HO Scale Freight Car Truck Do

Monk Alan <Alan.Monk@...>

We sometimes have similar issues here with our freight trucks (bogies), though our aftermarket ones tend to be cast in whitemetal/pewter, rather than brass castings/stampings.


The main problems are similar to those you have with brass trucks:

Mismatched sides

Poor/non-existant cones for pin-point bearings/axles

Difficult to build true/square


The general solution we use is a simple etched brass fold-up inner, set up for our standard brass ‘top-hat’ pinpoint bearings and wheelsets, onto which the sideframes (usually once the rear surface is filed suitably flat and rough holes drilled for the bearings) are glued or soldered as desired. You end up with a true and very free-running truck. shows a simple fold-up set for a passenger truck, but similar etches are available for a number of wheelbase lengths, sideframe types, freight and passenger.


Where required, the etch has openings in the fold down sections to match openings in the truck sideframes, retaining the ‘see-through’ look. Some manufacturers have taken that simple fold-up design and added 3-point compensation or even full springing, for those working in our finest standards.


Alan Monk

Reading, UK




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