NYO&W files for abandonment... again...

Bill Schneider

Due to the long promised, but as of yet unfulfilled, hope of increased meat
traffic which - it was claimed - would occur as soon as a new group of meat
reefers arrived, and also in no small part to the inability of our railroad
to collect per diem charges on one of our few remaining two-bay hoppers that
were fit for interchange (yes - we're REALLY short on cash. This cars was
last claimed to be seen on the Union Pacific in Bruceford, WY, and we can't
find any mention of this location on any UP system map!), the management of
the New York, Ontario and Western Railway have had to file for immediate
bankruptcy and abandonment of the line effective today.

Further details are available here: http://oldandweary.blogspot.com/

Bill Schneider

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