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Andy Carlson

This isn't meant to promote a spitting match, and I don't doubt that you knew George Bishop and I am not surprised longer then Tim. Your 5 gallon pails, though is incorrect. I saw the supplies on the pallet as received from California, and there were multiple cardboard cartons containing four ONE gallon pails (128 fluid ounces). I was told he got about double after adding his additives.

George's proprietary thinner was his own creation.

And did you know that it was not George Bishop who "Discovered" Accu-paint? George learned from Fred of Front Range that the lacquer Fred was using on his freight car kits was from the specialty coatings of Southern California. George was smart to recognize an excellent product for hobbyist use. Star Brands and Tru-color may never had heard about that source if George's underpaid help didn't freely offer their source for the lacquer.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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> Don,
> Accupaint bottled up their product from ONE gallon pails, not five. And they stepped on it a bit, supposedly to enhance the covering abilities, but I suspect it was to increase the profit margin. Tim O'Connor could tell us much more, as he knew the principals.
> Tru-paint, like Accupaint, is sourced from Southern California.
> -Andy Carlson
> Ojai CA

You are correct on the source but that is all, Andy.
As far as Tim O'Connor is concerned I knew George Bishop, the sole "pricipal" and quite well at that as we used to meet at
noon at least once per week, before anyone over heard of Tim.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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