Re: Tru-color paint

Tim O'Connor


What a silly argument. I didn't meet George until 1988. Obviously I was
not the first person to know George.

But, Andy is correct. The paint came in 1 gallon quantities by 1988, for
certain. And even at that size, George got about 250 bottles out of a gallon.
In fact this "huge" quantity was the reason that George allowed his stock to
dry up completely and he would not re-order a color until he had back orders
to cover his up front cost! All arguments that this was a really bad way to
run a paint business fell on deaf ears, since people could not GET his paints
at all for long periods of time. George was a masterful modeler, but not a
good businessman. Still, I learned a lot from George!

Tim O'

Accupaint bottled up their product from ONE gallon pails, not five.
> You are correct on the source but that is all, Andy.
> Cordially, Don Valentine

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