Re: Constructing Freight Cars In 1900

David Allen

Folks:  According to Thompson Freight Cars vol 4 the car, T&NO 3xx22 is likely a 

CS-31 built c1902, series 31150-31499, 300 cars. And note that it has both side 

and end grab irons; it was likely built with solely side grab irons, the end grabs 

being installed about 1911.  And the siding is pretty "weathered," suggesting 

quite a few years of service. (Note the 6" board serving as the upper end door, 

for example).  I suggest the date of the photo is possibly 1915-1920.

Dave A.

---In STMFC@..., <riverob@...> wrote:  The car end closest to the camera is T&NO 3xx22.

      Car to the left is SP (can't read the 5-digit number)

Robert Simpson

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