Re: Constructing Freight Cars In 1900

David Allen


According to Thompson, Southern Pacific Freight Cars vol 4 Box Cars
T&N) 3xx22 is likely a CS-31, built by AC&F in c1902 as part of T&NO
series 31150-31499. But the car is pretty well "weathered" (note the
6" board being used as the upper end door) suggesting quite a few years
of service. And the car was likely built with only side grab irons,
with end grabs being added c1911. I suggest the photo was taken in
around 1915 or so.

Be well. Dave A.

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The car end closest to the camera is T&NO 3xx22.  Car to the left is SP (can't read the 5-digit number)

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Posted by: "Bob Chaparro"
12/ 9/2013

Courtesy of the USC Digital Archives, here is a link to an image of a
freight car “assembly line” in Los Angeles (possibly Southern Pacific
shops?) in 1900.

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