Re: Merchandise Service X26c

Benjamin Hom

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"Your friend may also have mistaken an X29b for an X26C. There were
at least two X29b's (28049, 30901) painted in MS1. Still it's funny
that the model has the right number -- 107324. How'd your friend
know that, if he has no photo?"
The Class X26C boxcars equipped for LCL service are called out in the notes section of ther ORER - that's how we know 105136 and 107324 are the cars.  Additionally, Rich Burg identified these cars in a letter speculating that they might have been painted in MS1 that was published in a Schleicher "Freight Car Feedback" column in an early issue of Railmodel Journal.  BTW, there were more than two Class X29B painted in MS1 - see my article in the October 2004 issue of The Keystone Modeler listing documented cars in the three Merchandise Service paint variations.  Stranger things have happened, but I sincerely doubt there was any photo.
Back to the S Helper Service model.
Upon further review, this model is in the rare MS3 scheme with Shadow Keystone, photo documented on only four cars - 3 Class X29 and one Class X41C boxcars.  I really have my doubts that one of the two Class X26C boxcars received this scheme - it would be a rarity among rarities.  Additionally, the model itself is the root of evil - it's the first iteration of the so called "USRA Rebuilt Boxcar" that is the Athearn gon of boxcar models, first offered by S Helper Service and copied by Atlas and spread to the other scales like a poorly modeled cancer.
Ben Hom

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