Kits for Sale

Keith Jordan

To All,

The following freight car items are offered for sale:

Sunshine Models MK.11D C&I/Montour AAR hopper conversion 2001 $10
Funaro & Camerlengo 6560/61 SP A-50-6 SS 1½ door autobox. $25
Funaro & Camerlengo 3701/02 GN 40 ft. truss rod boxcar $25
Wright Trak BO-01 B&O M53/53A wagontop boxcar $25
AMB/Laserkit SP C-30-1 caboose, laser-cut wood $15

If interested, please go to and contact me through the website. I will not respond through this list. In addition, several plastic freight car kits are offered, as well as locomotives, passenger cars and a selection of brass equipment.

Keith Jordan

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