Re: CofG PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hoppers (Revisited)

Justin May <jmay59@...>

This is beyond the scope of this groups era, but how about the
green lettered scheme started in the 60's, after Southern absorbed it?

Any repainted CofG freight car after June 17, 1963 was subject to be repainted into the Southern style block "Central of Georgia" scheme. The application to boxcars was generally in white, whereas the application of black and green Central of Georgia lettering was applied to various covered hoppers. Typically the black and green schemes were applied by Southern Railway shop forces. Cabs (caboose) were subject to this scheme as well and as such were lettered in white. Most photographs I've seen show the earliest white "CENTRAL OF GEORGIA" scheme applied in 1964 to a group of 86' auto parts boxcars.

STMFC content - The Southern style block scheme was applied nearly 10 years after the last 4-8-4 Big Apple was retired.

Justin May

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