Re: Intermountain PFE R-40-25 question

Tony Thompson

Jim Mischke wrote:

I have an Intermountain Pacific Fruit Express R-40-25 reefer with mixed lettering features.   The side lettering has UP/SP black heralds on the right (1954 per Hartey RPM handout), yet an aluminum roof with black ends (introduced 1962).

Is this an Intermountain foobie or a reasonable hybrid?

      Jim, there exist photos of combinations like this, but I am pretty sure they were rare. Your citations of dates when these features became STANDARD are correct, but it may be that when a shop was processing a bunch of mechanical cars (which did have aluminum roofs), they just painted an ice car the same way. I would say it is NOT a foobie, but is likewise NOT reasonable, because I think it is a rarity at best.

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