Re: Intermountain PFE R-40-25 question

Tim O'Connor


In Tony's example it's possible an aluminum roof could have been
applied in 1960 or 1961, since mechanicals and Ice Tempco cars were
getting aluminum roofs before the 1962 changes.

On the other hand I totally agree with him about rarity -- I have
seen very few photos of PFE ice reefers with aluminum roofs, period.
They did exist, but they seem to have been rare. And I have never
seen one painted like the Intermountain model.

Tim O'Connor

Jim Mischke wrote:

I have an Intermountain Pacific Fruit Express R-40-25 reefer with mixed lettering features.   The side lettering has UP/SP black heralds on the right (1954 per Hartey RPM handout), yet an aluminum roof with black ends (introduced 1962).

Is this an Intermountain foobie or a reasonable hybrid?
      Jim, there exist photos of combinations like this, but I am pretty sure they were rare. Your citations of dates when these features became STANDARD are correct, but it may be that when a shop was processing a bunch of mechanical cars (which did have aluminum roofs), they just painted an ice car the same way. I would say it is NOT a foobie, but is likewise NOT reasonable, because I think it is a rarity at best.

Tony Thompson

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