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The only CB&Q single sheathed boxcars available to my knowledge are the XA-14 end door and bomber box. At least my order for those two was filled, but I don't really know if there are more castings. All of the CB&Q gondolas are gone.

Nelson Moyer

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 Sunshine Models did not maintain a supply of kits on hand unless they were very recent issues. When someone put in an order the kits were made up and shipped, that is why it was always better to get the kits at a show that Martin was attending.
 The kits that are now being shipped out are kits Tricia is able to make up using the cast parts on hand. There has been no parts casting done since Martin passed away last January and she will continue selling the kits that she has parts for.
 I can tell you that there were castings made up for the second round of closeouts in the 20.0 to 30.0 cars that should be offered at sometime in the future. These include a lot of CB&Q single sheathed box cars and 36 foot meat reefers.  
 Tricia has not decided what she is going to do with the business yet.  
Charlie Slater
Pattern Maker

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      So at this late stage in the game why can't we just get a list of what is left in stock from sunshine?

Mark rickert

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Just got my empty order too, These are no longer available:






(all WP & SN)

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