Re: Is the InterMountain 40' 6" AAR NYC boxcar accurate out of box?

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 22, 2013, at 10:57 AM, omahaduck@... wrote:

Was looking for a quick relaxing build yesterday and came across an InterMountain NYC. 10' 6" boxcar numbered 159323.  Date by the light weight shows new 9-44.  Lettering is crisp so I'd like to keep it in it's factory lettering if its correct for an NYC car.  Lot number above the NYV oval is 734-B.   It also includes a black roof.

How close is this model to the NYC prototype boxcar from 9-44?

Charlie, the car number, date built, and lot number all match.  Number series for that lot was 159000-159999, built by the Despatch Shops in East Rochester NY.  The only thing I’d be uncertain about is the black roof, but some NYC box cars built ca. 1944-’45 did have black roofs and if IM went to the trouble to paint the roof black it’s likely that they had prototype information to that effect.  The one photo I have of a car in that series is a B/W shot taken in ’56 and it’s sufficiently weathered that I can’t tell whether the roof was black.  I’ll send you a scan of that photo off-list.

Richard Hendrickson

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