Re: Chameleon paint stripper

John Sykes III

I have not found Chameleon in a couple of years now, but found that ScaleCoat Wash-Away paint stripper is identical chemically to Chameleon.

They both were/are 91% isopropyl alcohol and butyl cellosolve (a/k/a 2-butoxy ethanol) at about a 10:1 ratio of alcohol to butyl.  A gallon of butyl cellosolve costs about $45 at your local Sherwin Williams paint store, but will make enough stripper for a good size club for 20 years.

Take a pint of 91% isopropyl alcohol from WalMart and remove about 40 ml from the bottle.  Replace the 40 ml of alcohol with 40 ml of butyl cellosolve and you are about ready to go (I think I upped the butyl in my batch to about 60 ml for a little more punch, but be careful what kind of plastic you use it on, this higher concentration could cause problems depending on the type of plastic).

As you can see, if you are not a mad scientist like I am, buy the ScaleCoat Wash Away.

-- John

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