Re: Chameleon paint stripper

Andy Harman

At 04:04 PM 12/22/2013 -0800, you wrote:

I have not found Chameleon in a couple of years now, but found that ScaleCoat Wash-Away paint stripper is identical chemically to Chameleon.
Scalecoat has probably changed their formula somewhat. I used to use some stuff called "UnPaint", which was very similar. Back around 1996, I stripped a Kato SD40 shell with Scalecoat and the shell was obliterated. It didn't melt, but the stripping solution made the plastic so brittle that the walkway section broke into about 10 pieces just scrubbing the paint off. A year or so later, I successfully stripped a Kato SD40 using Chameleon. IMO both products are hard on plastic - especially the stuff Kato uses or at least used back then - but the Cham at least left me with a usable shell.

It has been a long time since I had to resort to anything harsher than alcohol to strip factory paint, which is good because the lack of undecs and kits is forcing me to go that way more and more often. I might still have some Chameleon laying around, it might be interesting to throw that stubborn BLI hopper in it and see what happens. But I think my only hope on those things is to use the alcohol to strip the lettering, and then just paint over the base gray with Scalecoat. Either that or get out the grit blaster.


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